Press Releases
Press Releases (PM) is one of the most important communication tools in the press and public in general. They are usually businesses, the self, such as artists, but also public institutions and authorities such as prosecutors, pension or ministries, as the basis of their communication with the public or their customers. They constitute an indispensable element in the marketing area, where they are already produced with specific objectives. One of them is, for example, to advertise a new product. This then is a press release written. Writing press releases just looks at first glance, however, requires in most cases, written, in fact, great experience, linguistic skills, excellent communication skills, logical thinking, knowledge of the technical production conditions and not least a team. For, is a press release before leaving at the end of the house, usually first through several hands. For the creation of a press release should therefore adhere to some important principles, without which it will permanently do little to ensure that the final product, "press release" is generally noted. Although it sounds trite ma, to master the German language and grammar is essential, but unfortunately can be in PR - the field will find almost daily deterrent counter-examples. The content of a PM should always be clear and well organized to inform the customer about all important issues, so time-consuming inquiries should be totally unnecessary in the rule. But the wording of the title brings an already half the battle, for a really "crunchy" Heading ultimately provides for whether the press release by the recipient read at all. However, this one should also "be the church in the village" and only go so far as to excite the desired level of attention.
Content, the text should be smooth and easy to read. This also applies to difficult issues. Namely, the editor is not always in the trade, which gets the press release as the first in his mailbox. But he decides: "hot or not". After all, every day, the editors often reach hundreds of press releases from all kinds of things. Only the smallest portion thereof is then ultimately returned to an editorial process. The press release also must identify the sender correctly. The heading (in fax form very important) must reflect the current conditions. In the end it is always advisable to designate an individual as a direct point of contact, which must also be contacted for questions. Maybe you should specify the times of actual accessibility with. The specification of a phone / SMS / mobile phone number and an active e-mail address is, of course.

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